Friday, March 6, 2009

Women's Retreat 2009

Women's Retreat was so much fun. This year I drove up with Rose, Whitney and Leanna but I roomed with Janice, Krissy & Jenna. These ladies are so much fun and so beautiful inside and out. Janice is my "adopted mother in-law" and Jenna & Krissy are my adopted "little sisters" since Aaron lived with them off and on for a few years during college. We learned a lot from a very funny speaker named Poppy, ate great food (that I didn't have to cook or wash the dishes for) and spent lots of time just hanging out!

Jenna & I

Janice & Krissy

Jenna & Krissy having fun at the range

I had a lot of fun shooting all the guns at the range!


Trenholms said...

Ok, so March? Seriously?! I have been checking and checking to see what's been up with you lately, but I keep seeing the Women's Retreat. Haha, I'm sure you're busy, but I hope you're doing well!